Mariya & Mark’s Outfits: Atiya Syed
MUA: Team Kajol Paswwan
Decor: New Raj Decorators
Venue: St. Regis, Gallops

This is the story of Mariya and Mark, where love defied the odds of the pandemic and brought together two individuals from different religions and nationalities. Their love story is as unique as it is inspiring. Fate united them through an online dating app amidst the global lockdown. At the time, both Mariya and Mark were stuck in London, far away from their respective families. Despite the challenges and restrictions posed by the pandemic, their connection with each other grew stronger with each passing day. After months of virtual interactions, once the lockdown restrictions eased, Mariya and Mark finally met in person, solidifying their bond even further.

The following year presented its fair share of challenges and personal tragedies, but they stood by each other, unwavering in their commitment. Mariya, hails from a traditional Muslim family, and it was important for her that her family approved of Mark. Mark, embracing the diversity of their union, embarked on a journey to win the hearts of Mariya’s family. When he received her family’s blessing, he officially proposed to Mariya, and she joyfully accepted, setting the stage for their intimate wedding in Mumbai.

Mariya, her mother, and her best friend meticulously planned every aspect of the wedding, resulting in a beautifully executed affair. The ceremony embraced the simplicity and traditions of a traditional Nikaah, followed by a serene dinner and meet & greet, where close family and friends from both sides came together to celebrate the union. The wedding exuded an abundance of love and joy, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present. This union was not merely a merging of two individuals but a celebration of diverse cultures, religions, and nationalities.