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Dreamcatchers Photography was born as a part of my unending quest for creating meaningful imagery. It is managed by me and my partner, Ash. When I hold my camera to capture your wedding, I have absolute realisation of the trust and responsibility that rests upon my shoulders. The moments that my team and I capture will become memories that you and your family will cherish for life. They will potentially become heirlooms for your future generations. Your wedding may be an intimate one or a big fat extravaganza, it is as important to us as it is to you. This pushes us to capture all the important moments and also everything that happens in between, which is usually forgotten. You will see the happiness and the tears, the joy and the euphoria, the emotions and the actions galore, in our photos and films. They are your personal time capsule, handcrafted by us with love which will transport you back to your wedding day, to relive your moments through our eyes.

At Dreamcatchers Photography, we believe in capturing your dreams. We have documented 250+ unique wedding stories across more than 18 cities and 3 countries so far. To know more about us, please CLICK HERE.

With Love,
Punit Desai, Founder


  • "Getting Dreamcatchers Photography on board was the best decision that we made for our wedding. They are absolutely on top of their game."

  • "A photographer has the power to make a simple wedding look spectacular and vice versa, so choose wisely or should I say, 'Choose Dreamcatchers!'."

  • "They make your big day look way better in their pictures and make you remember the best moments. You feel the emotions through their photos and it all looks like a great dream."

  • "They cared about our wedding photos more than we did and we are glad! They will capture those beautiful moments at your wedding which you won't notice at the time but will cherish forever."

  • "They focus on capturing the true essence of weddings and real emotions of people. It's as if they were invisible during the functions so that people don't get camera conscious."

  • "Without a doubt, they are the best in the business. With Dreamcatchers you will definitely strike gold!"

  • "The team is highly professional and their work is FLAWLESS. Work doesn't seem like work for them."

  • "A great photography team is the key to relive memories from the most important days of your lives and we are glad that we chose Dreamcatchers."

  • " 'Passion' for work and 'kindness' as a person, are adjectives that best describe Punit. The team's passion for photography is evident through their creative shots and ideas."

  • "Punit is so passionate and hands down the best photographer. His photos tell a story and bring back every feeling from our wedding day."

  • "They didn't capture the way we looked that day, they captured how we felt. They are the best at what they do."

  • "They are extremely passionate about what they do and don’t leave any stone unturned in delivering client satisfaction."

  • "The length that they would go to get that perfect shot to the satisfaction of bride and groom is rare to find and something that should be commended."

  • "Living up to their name, Punit and his team literally caught my dream and turned it into reality!"



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