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  • "The moment Nishit and I saw our wedding video, we couldn’t stop our tears! What more could we ask for?"

  • "You know that someone is really good when their work can get your emotions rolling, even when you are watching wedding videos of strangers! That's how we knew they were the team for us!"

  • "I came across a wedding teaser that absolutely amazed me and it was the Dreamcatchers team behind the cameras. We immediately got in touch and got them onboard for our wedding." 

  • "The pre wedding and wedding video both are made so beautifully. I cannot stop watching them."

  • "The icing on the cake was our wedding trailer. It was so incredible! If you are curious, ask them for it and you will know exactly what I am talking about."

  • "It took me all of 2 minutes of watching one of their wedding teasers to get convinced that they were the team for us. "

  • "Our wedding trailer is simply superb! It made my wife so so happy, which is all I ever wanted."

  • "They made sure that my wedding video came out exactly the way I wanted it to be."