Planning pre-wedding shoots during the pandemic has been challenging to say the least. We were super excited about this shoot. Reaching Jaisalmer became an adventure in itself with last minute flight cancellations, long layover at airports, luggage related hassles and what not. We wanted to reach early as we were meeting Akanksha and Saransh in person for the first time directly at Jaisalmer as we were all based out of different cities. All our discussions and planning for the shoot had happened on calls. But the best part was that as soon as we met, we all hit it off immediately. Thereafter, the shoot was completely an easy going and fun experience with the right vibes.

Akanksha and Saransh were of the opinion that they weren’t too photogenic and were awkward with posing but in reality the camera loved them! They had an amazing chemistry, easy smiles and were receptive and enthusiastic about our suggestions; not only was it easy to work with them but it also was a delight to click them. This shoot felt less like a pre-wedding shoot and more like 2 fun days spent in the company of friends. We also did a very quick pre-wedding session for them at Rishikesh while we were there for covering their wedding.