Akanksha & Saransh’s Jaisalmer pre-wedding shoot showcased their determination in the face of pandemic-related challenges. From last-minute flight cancellations to long layovers and unexpected luggage issues, reaching Jaisalmer turned into an adventure in itself.

Akanksha and Saransh expressed their concerns about feeling awkward and camera-shy, but they proved themselves wrong. The camera absolutely adored them! Their chemistry was undeniable, and their easy smiles radiated genuine joy. They embraced our suggestions with enthusiasm and openness, making the entire experience a breeze. It felt less like a pre-wedding shoot and more like two days spent in the company of dear friends, creating beautiful memories. Additionally, we also had the opportunity to capture a brief pre-wedding session for them in the enchanting city of Rishikesh, where their wedding took place at the exquisite Taj Rishikesh Resort and Spa.