• #PuriHoGayiSneha
  • Venue: Jade Garden, St. Regis
  • MUA: Meraki by Ritika
  • Bride’s Outfits: Kalki Fashions (Sangeet), Bharatkshetra (Wedding)
  • Groom’s Outfits: Raymond, Manyavar

Sneha met Purval when she was interning at a software company in the US. As destiny would have it, she was allocated to the same team as Purval. She thought he was cute and he was charmed by her bright eyes and genuine smile. They started dating and eventually fell in love. When Purval proposed, Sneha didn’t think twice before saying a yes! Since Sneha hailed from Mumbai, they decided to host their wedding in Mumbai.

The wedding celebrations kicked off with an exuberant sangeet. Sneha is a dancer and the sangeet was an important event for her. The couple made an entry with an energetic dance performance which was followed by a ring ceremony and some stunning dance performances by the bride. There were many enthusiastic performances by other family members but Sneha was the star of the evening. The wedding was a beautiful blend of Sneha’s Tamilian and Purval’s Maharashtrian cultures. Their pictures are proof of the fact that the couple thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout the ceremony. The event concluded with a meet-and-greet for the guests.

This wedding was special for us as we had never before shot a wedding with such a beautiful and harmonious fusion of two cultures. The bride and the groom’s families came together with so much simplicity, joy, love and mutual respect that beyond a point it was difficult to tell the two families apart. Their wedding was a true union of families and not just a union of the couple.