An oft-repeated line we hear is the South Bombay area is an overused location for Mumbai prewedding shoots. We only agree with this line in parts! We are fortunate that a crowded city like Mumbai still has the South Bombay area, which has somehow managed to retain its old-world charm over the years. It boasts of beautiful architecture, heritage buildings, Victorian monuments along with having proximity to the sea. Every time we shoot here, we witness clients having a lovely time together. Every time we come back with some unique frames for our clients. They are happy and so are we!

Sanchita and Anuj being true-blue Mumbaikars had no objection to shooting at this part of the city. On the day of their shoot some spots like the Asiatic Library and sections of Horniman Circle weren’t accessible as some commercial shoots were on, we had enough spots left to explore. We loved capturing their easy chemistry and light-hearted banter and they enjoyed the experience. We would love to think that we successfully managed to capture them having a great time together even though they both claimed to be camera-shy. Their South Bombay pre-wedding was quite different from Swagata & Shnehil’s despite the common location!