Sachi’s Outfits: Qbik (Cocktail), Pernia’s Pop Shop (Sagan), Anita Dongre (Wedding)
MUA: Priyanka Gogia
Planners: Amrish Pershad
Venue: Trident, Gurgaon

Sachi and Anish, hailing from different corners of India had a remarkable destination wedding that beautifully embraced their individual cultures and traditions. Sachi, a Punjabi from Delhi, and Anish, a Tamil Brahmin from Bangalore, found love in London, where their paths crossed. Anish was in London for a vacation when they met at a gathering of their mutual friends. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they discovered a remarkable connection and similar perspectives on life. When they started dating, their relationship was more or less long-distance. Across continents and over years, they managed to meet as often as time permitted. After nearly a decade of dating, they realised their destiny was to spend a lifetime together.

The couple’s grand wedding festivities spanned three joyous days in Gurgaon, with families and guests gathering from various parts of the country and the world. The ceremony encompassed a beautiful amalgamation of North and South Indian rituals, truly reflecting their blended heritage. The celebrations commenced with Sachi’s Mehndi ceremony, followed by a delightful Cocktail party that allowed both families to mingle and revel in each other’s company. The second day witnessed Anish’s Vrat Pooja, as well as Sachi’s Sagan and Chunni ceremonies. Finally, on the third day, the traditional Tamil wedding took place, complete with rituals such as the kashi yatra, maalai maatral, oonjal, saptapadi, and more. The wedding was followed by a small reception for their guests.

Sachi and Anish’s North-South multicultural wedding exuded a distinct atmosphere that set it apart from Apeksha and Midhun’s North-South multicultural wedding. We were fortunate to be a part of both stories, cherishing each unique experience wholeheartedly.