Kim and Calvin’s decision to have a prewedding shoot in Doha was driven by a simple yet beautiful reason — it was the city where their love story unfolded. From their initial meeting to becoming close friends and eventually falling in love, Doha held a special place in their hearts. As photographers, we were thrilled to capture their love amidst the diverse and captivating backdrops that Doha had to offer.

The city itself provided an array of stunning photo opportunities. From its majestic architecture and vibrant cityscapes to picturesque promenades, serene beaches, desert landscapes, lush gardens, bustling malls, and traditional souks, Doha presented a multitude of exciting options. Our vision for this shoot was to encapsulate the couple’s connection by photographing them at locations that held significance to their relationship. We encouraged Kim and Calvin to lead us to the place where they first met, their favourite date spots, and even the place where Calvin proposed to Kim. Our aim was for them to immerse themselves in the memories of each location, relishing the moments, sharing laughter, and enjoying each other’s company while we worked behind the camera. The resulting photographs exude a subtle and romantic ambiance, capturing the couple’s genuine connection and natural chemistry.

Through candid moments and relaxed poses, we sought to portray the authentic love and joy shared by Kim and Calvin. Their pictures depict two individuals deeply in love, completely lost in each other’s presence while creating beautiful memories together. Their prewedding shoot captures their unique love story in the enchanting city of Doha.