Kim and Calvin wanted to get their pre-wedding shoot done at Doha in Qatar. It was the city where they met, became friends and fell in love. We enjoyed shooting at Doha as it offered a lot of variety in terms of the photo opportunities. The stately architecture, city-scapes, promenades, beaches, desert landscapes, gardens, malls and souks offered so many exciting options. Over the course of the two day shoot, our idea was to shoot at different venues in the city that were special to the couple.

We instructed them to lead us to the place where they first met, their regular date spots, the place where Calvin proposed to Kim and so on. We wanted them to forget our presence and relive the memories of each place, laugh, chat and enjoy themselves while we did our job behind the camera. Their shoot was subtly romantic with a cosy and and natural vibe. We went for candid moments and easy-going poses that reflected the couple’s wonderful chemistry. That is what their pictures depict – two people in love, lost in each other while having a great time together.