When Dhanvee and Jay met with us, Dhanvee showed us a picture of this gorgeous Manish Malhotra gown that she had purchased and had her heart set on wearing it for the pre-wedding shoot. They weren’t decided on the location for the shoot as they were wanted a rustic setting with a natural appeal, a location where their formal attire could be put to good use. We had shot at the Vasai Fort in the past and were sure that the rugged fort would be a contrasting but charming setting to showcase Dhanvee’s classy gown. When we pitched our idea to the couple, they were immediately onboard.

On the day of the shoot, we were lucky to be blessed with clear blue skies. The pleasing contrast of colours lent a refreshing quality to our frames. We finished the first leg of the shoot at the fort and then shot a few frames at the nearby Bhuigaon beach. Since the couple was enthusiastic, we tried some light-painting shots which gave the shoot a magical ending.