Dhanvee and Jay’s prewedding shoot at Vasai holds a story behind its enchanting frames. From the moment we met the couple, Dhanvee shared her excitement over a stunning Manish Malhotra gown she had recently acquired, expressing her desire to wear it for the prewedding session. While selecting the location proved to be a challenge, the couple was certain about their preferences. They were looking for a rustic setting with natural charm, near Mumbai, and one that would beautifully complement Dhanvee’s attire.

After careful consideration, we decided on Vasai Fort, drawing upon our previous experience of shooting in this historic location. We were confident that the fort’s rugged walls would create the perfect backdrop, contrasting elegantly with Dhanvee’s exquisite gown. When we proposed this idea to the couple, they readily embraced it, eager to embark on this unique adventure.

On the day of the shoot, we were blessed with a clear blue sky, accentuating colors and lending a refreshing allure to every frame. The first part of their prewedding session unfolded amidst the fort’s ancient walls, capturing the couple’s love amidst the echoes of history. Following that, we ventured to a nearby beach, where the tranquil waves and earthy sand added a touch of serenity to their shoot. Fuelled by their enthusiasm, we even attempted some mesmerizing light-painting shots, which cast a magical spell over the final moments of the shoot.