• "We have loved their past work and it might sound a bit selfish but we find ours to be their best yet!"

  • "I'm not sure what kind of magic is in their cameras, but the pictures and videos have turned out so beautifully!"

  • "We are both camera-shy so didn't want too many posed photos. Their candid shots are stellar, really depicting us and the crowds having fun."

  • "Our wedding was captured with differentย ideas and concepts. The team is always in the process of creating stories with new ideas and visions behind each frame."

  • "We love love love their work and our friends and family wouldn'tย stop praising the pictures and the videos shot by them."

  • "Punit is extremely professional, very calm (trust me it's very important to have calm people around you on your wedding day), he will understand very quickly what you are comfortable with and what your aren't."

  • "I am not very photogenic but their photos made me fall in love with myself all over again."

  • "They blew us away with their stunning stills and videos. Hosting them was a cakewalk as they were non-demanding, punctual, and worked tirelessly to capture the most perfect shots! Each picture from the wedding is a treat for the eyes."