That's me, Punit Desai

Founder | Director of Photography & Films

That's her, Ashwini Desai (a.k.a. Ash)

COO & Client Relations

Me: I love my ice-cream in a cup. I don’t want it dripping all over me!  Ash: Only eats ice-cream if served in a cone.
Me: I like to hum along to retro Hindi songs anytime of the day and you certainly don't want to know what I sing in the shower! Ash: Listens to "Yellow" while working, Mozart symphonies while relaxing but "Dil Dance Maare" while driving.
Me: At a party, come find me at the bar. Ash: You will have to drag her off the dance floor.
Me: I love sports, cheer for Federer and weep even today when I watch SRT's retirement speech. Ash: Loves books.
Me: I love watching movies. Ash: Likes them but loves her books more.
Me: I read Robin Sharma, know everything that is written about Sachin, take inspiration from Steve Jobs, can talk non-stop about Apple (not the fruit!). Ash: Her "dream" job would be on Captain Picard's Enterprise, she would love to cast spells with Hermione, be the Watson to Holmes or escape to any other godforsaken fantasy world!

We are opposites in many way but there is a lot that we have in common. We are dreamers, explorers and love travelling together. We are nature and animal lovers (don't ask us cats or dogs, we love both!). We love beaches but we love mountains too. We love coffee, chocolate and pizza. We are foodies but don't enjoy cooking much. Most times we are like Fire & Ice but a better analogy is Yin & Yang.
This is us. Two sapiens who love good conversations and a good story. Tell us yours. We would love to hear from you.


Dreamcatchers Photography® was born as a part of my unending quest for creating meaningful imagery. Today, my wife Ash and I manage the brand together. A reluctant Chartered Accountant with a thriving career in coaching, I ditched it all to pick up the camera to pursue my love for photography and films. With a management degree in Finance, Ash had a career at a global investment bank which she quit to partner me on this journey. Now our lives have become much busier than ever but we are loving every bit of it! It has been a wonderful journey so far and we still have miles to go.

When I hold my camera to capture your wedding, I have absolute realisation of the trust and responsibility that rests upon my shoulders. The moments that we capture, will become memories that you and your family will cherish for life. They will potentially become heirlooms for your future generations. Your wedding may be an intimate one or a big fat extravaganza, it is as important to us as it is to you. This pushes us to capture all the important moments and also everything that happens in between, which is usually forgotten. You will see the happiness and the tears, the joy and the euphoria, the emotions and the actions galore, in our photos and films. They will be your personal time capsule, handcrafted by us with love, to transport you back to your wedding day, to relive your precious moments through our eyes.

Dreamcatchers Photography® is a team of award winning wedding photographers & film-makers. We have been privileged to be a part of 250+ unique wedding stories from more than 18 cities and 3 countries so far. 


Winner – This is Reportage, Collection 21, 2021
Winner – Fearless Photographers, Collection 57, 2020
Winner – WeddingSutra Awards, 2020
Winner – WedAward International Wedding Photography Award, 2017
Honorable Mention – Collection 56, 60 Fearless Photographers, 2020, 2021
Finalist – Collection 55, 56, 57, 58 and 59 Fearless Photographers, 2020, 2021
Nominee – Category "On the Dance Floor", WeddingSutra Awards, 2020

Nominee – Category "Wedding Film-maker of the Year", WeddingSutra Awards, 2019
Nominee – Category "Best Pre-Wedding Film", WeddingSutra Awards, 2018

  • "There is only one word to describe them, 'amazing!'. Right from planning, coordination and delivery, they were extremely thorough and knew exactly what was required where. Punit & Ashwini are very friendly, professional and easy to work with. They understood our requirements and wishes down to the tee."

  • "They were the first photographers I met and I instantly knew they were perfect to capture my big day!"

  • "We highly appreciate the critical 'Shaadi' gyaan that they share based on their previous experience of covering so many weddings. Trust us its a life saver!"

  • "Punit is a great guy and has an eye for details. His team was really patient and focused on their work. One can easily connect with Punit and it makes you comfortable to express what you really want from your photos and videos."

  • "The team is so sweet, humble and supportive. They were not in our faces at the events, so I still wonder how they captured all the important moments from 3 precious days of our lives in a few hundred pictures and 15 minutes of video!"

  • "Punit and his team are super professional and they needed no direction from us. They really love what they do and you can see it in their work. They did an amazing job capturing every single moment and all the pictures look very natural and lively. They are also very friendly and fun to work with."

  • "Punit and team were kind and very patient with all the hustling happening throughout the wedding. Punit was more like a friend to us throughout."

  • "Right from the meeting the team for the first time and planning the whole thing, they’ve been a breeze and very accommodating. They are talented and their work speaks for them. They even kept the promised delivery timelines through the pandemic, which was most impressive."

  • "They have an amazing team and they are so so so easy to be around with. They always before time and were very patient with us, as both of us were a little camera conscious in the beginning. We really wanted our photos to capture those raw, emotional and happy moments and we got them."

  • "Punit understands the chemistry between a couple. He and his team have an excellent coordination with each other and are humble. Their humility and dedication is reflected through their genuinely exquisite work."

  • "Punit and his team were patient, organized, and attentive. Most importantly, they are punctual and hard-working. Punit is very dedicated to creating spectacular moments of your D-Day."